Wednesday, December 10, 2014

(Well, Blogger is publishing all my new photos much lighter than they are in my photos or seeing the paintings in person - wonder what's up with that!!! I kind of don't want to hit publish- get so frustrated doing this kind of busy work - no offense to computer people! What's the point of publishing my work if it looks washed out!)

Here are two 12" x 12"'s, also at Abend Gallery in Denver.

The Center of a Sphere is not on it's Surface...
oil on panel 12" x 12"

Lee's Peonies
oil on panel
12" x 12"

New Paintings...

Been painting every day and still it takes forever to finish. I'd rather paint than write so not much to read here! Here are some new paintings - all at Abend Gallery for the Holiday Season.

Sasha's Tip   oil on panel 6"x 6"

(Sean) O'Meallie's Yoyo  oil on wood panel  6" x 6"

Side View